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Case Study: Prince John

Maybe it’s been a while, but you know the classic tale of Robin Hood, robbing the rich to feed the poor and fighting off enemies like the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John, winning the love of Maid Marion, and chilling with his band of Merry Men in the wilderness of Sherwood Forest. One of…

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Emotional Regulation 12: Gratitude

I keep a journal, I write in it maybe once a week, and only if there’s something really juicy to write about. Some people are able to keep a daily journal and some really amazing people keep a daily gratitude journal. You might have heard of it. Keeping a gratitude journal is an effective way…

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Emotional Regulation 11: Opposite Action

This skill is a tricky one and at the surface can feel like an impossibility but hear me out. You begin with identifying the emotion you want to change, and then practice actions that express the opposite emotion. It sounds counter-intuitive, especially when our emotions get the better of us, but remember when we talked…

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