Emotional Regulation 8: Applying Mindfulness

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Remember Mindfulness? I told you it would make a comeback.

The first step is to observe. Note the presence of the emotion, give it a name. step away and get unstuck from the emotion.

Next, experience the emotion mindfully. Feel it move through you like a wave, coming and going. Try not to block it or suppress it. Don’t try to get rid of it or push it away. Don’t hold on to it or keep it around. Don’t amplify it.

Remember, there is no need to act on the emotion either. Find a way to express the emotion in a healthy way. Something that allows you to ride the wave of the emotion so that it can pass through you and move along its way when its done.

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Practice loving your emotion. Never judge the emotion and don’t judge yourself for feeling the emotions you feel. Practice willingness. Radically accept your emotion.

Be one with your emotions the way a horseman is one with the horse. If you completely separate from the horse you will end up fighting it, and the horse will fight back. If you have no identity separate from the horse, you will cling to the horse for dear life and the horse will assume all direction. Ride the wave of emotion; experience it fully, then allow the intensity to subside.

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Those emotional giants/windmills aren’t going to attack themselves!